Mora Veron, Buenos Aires

My way of doing work is my way of thinking: I faced the task positively, I produce from what already exists and I have at hand, looking for a way to give a new life to what at first glance could be thought of as waste.

I am Mora Veron, I was born in Buenos Aires in 1979 and since 2012 I have run my own space, the Atelier Morada, where I work and exhibit my works, in the heart of Palermo Soho.

My work begins with a question, it is always a different one. My practical axes are to reuse, reorganize and resignify the materials. Due to my predilection for everyday objects, the way to channel my plastic language is through sculptures and installations where I can expand on textures, volumes and patterns as if they were marking different rhythms, all in a figurative and abstract key. The concept of upcycling (supra-recycling) is central to my work because it proposes to give greater value to waste elements and, in this way, contribute to the environment.

Art enables incredible things. As in 2013, when I met Rogelio Polesello and he acquired several of my works and proposed to me to make pieces together. I worked with him on the work that would end up being his gift to Marta Minujín for 70 years of marriage to art. That same year I participated in the Art Space Fair at the San Isidro Racecourse, both with its own stand and with an installation made with more than fifteen hundred pencils at the central stand of CitiBank, sponsor of the fair. During the following years I exhibited in different galleries in the city of Buenos Aires. In 2017 Mora Lamp was born – the lamp of ideas! as a design object developed from an artistic perspective. With it I received the Trend award at the Pure Design Fair in recognition of creativity and innovation. In 2018 I traveled to Brazil, by the curator Suely Moss, to the city of Manaus and Fortaleza where I exhibited for a month. 2019 was a year of artistic experimentation with other artists gathered in Morada. In March of this year -2020- I had the honor of being invited to exhibit at the MAC -Museum of Contemporary Art in Salta, with my reAutotratos exhibition and the theme of reusing materials and upcycling. Also be part of a series of actions to raise awareness of environmental care, bringing resources and art to different departments in the province of Salta. A very nice experience.

On 2021 i was selected to give a TEDx Talk at BA City under the topic of climate change and upcycling art. The title of my talk is Creativity as a Solution: What to do with what already exists?  It was held at BA goverent house and you can watch it here —->  

Many times i was invited to argentine TV shows to talk about my art. Some of the shows were: Pura Vida, en la TV publica (2017) Cultura del Ocio (2019) Distrito Vanguardia (2020) y Destacados por canal America24 en 2021.

Throughout all these years of work, i have participated working live as a guest in different events from brands such as CitiBank, Corona y Converse among others.

In my Morada space I exhibit my works and organized exhibitions by colleagues. There I also research, experiment, make and sell my works directly to the public. I am interested in dialogue with the people who are invited by my work and being able to hear in real time what they feel or think about what they see: that is extremely enriching for the creative process.

I live and work in Buenos Aires.