On the Other Side was an experience that talked about the ephemeral of life. By Mora Veron.

There were 2 doors. One black and the other one white.

To begin with, you had to make a decision and choose to what door to go in. You could not do both nor all. Just like life.

Also, it was a personal experience, meaning that for each person who came in, it was going to be different. Just like life.

In one room, there were a living piece, which was transforming from the moment of conception.

In the other room, an instalation (100% darkness) where each participant wass creating its own piece while walking throught a spacial path.

Both installations proposed that the public or observer were the protagonist.

Which one would you have choosen?

I have many conclutions about this experience which i loved to do. It was risky and fun, all together.

At the exit of each room there were paper and pencils so the public could write or draw, what they have lived, felt or saw.

Also, the public were a performer of my show, even after they left the gallery, because as they could enter only to one room, people started to tell what they ve seen or lived. So therefore, that story telling was part of my piece – as I intended to be. 😉

By the way, the living piece, was an installation – body sweet potatoes sculptured taking a bath with running water. Therefore, the sweet potatoes, started to germinate and transform into a plant or die with fungus and horrible smell at the end. Just like the cycle of life.